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Goshen Wound Center

About Goshen Wound Center

At Goshen Wound Center, we take an integrated approach to treating patients with chronic wounds. Our panel of experts ensures that each patient is treated as an individual, taking their specific needs into account when planning their treatment.

To Refer a Patient

Please fax the completed patient referral form to (574) 364-4561.

If you have any questions about Goshen Wound Center, contact Robyn Radford, Director of Goshen Wound Center, at (574) 364-4562.

An Integrated Approach to Wound Healing

Every patient undergoes a thorough diagnostic examination to identify the type of wound they have and the underlying problems causing the wound. A custom program will then be designed by our multidisciplinary panel of healthcare providers to best meet the patient's needs. Treatments may include:

• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
• Infectious disease management
• Physical therapy
• Vascular evaluation
• Laboratory evaluation
• Nutritional management
• Pain management
• Diabetic education
• Nuclear medicine
• Radiology
• Debridement

Wounds Treated

• Soft tissue radionecrosis
• Venous ulcers
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Pressure ulcers
• Brown recluse spider bites
• Lower extremity arterial disease ulcers
• Radiation induced hemorrhagic cystitis
• Radiation proctitis/enteritis
• Compromised skin grafts and flaps

Panel of Experts

• Nathaniel T. Dew, MD, FACS
• Dr. Daniel Diener, General Surgeon
• Dr. Jeffrey Eifler, DPM
• Kevin D. Gerig, MD, FACS
• Dr. Sean Henning, DPM
• John Larson, MD
• John C. Martens, MD, FACS
• Dr. Julia Pagano, MD
• Tim Quist, DPM
• Dr. Mark Ranzinger, General Surgeon
• Kristan Rheinheimer, NP