Goshen Hospital Patient Access

(574) 364-2400

200 High Park Avenue
Goshen, IN 46526

For Requisitions and Authorizations:
Fax: (574) 364-2410

For General Office:
Phone: (574) 364-2676
Fax: (574) 364-2788


Patient Access

About Goshen Hospital Patient Access

What We Do:

  • We work with both physician offices and patients to schedule outpatient Radiology, Lab, Cardiopulmonary, Sleep Center, Dietician, and Outpatient Imaging Center.
  • We coordinate with physician offices, and GI and Surgical procedures.

When calling to Schedule an appointment with Patient Access:

  • Patient Access will verify the patient name, date of birth, address, phone number,
    and insurance with the policy number and subscriber.
  • All orders/requisitions are to be faxed to Registration (574) 364-2410
    making them available to Patient Access to view at the time of scheduling by
    using our secure storage in the Online Fax system.
  • Patient Access does not schedule for Goshen Retreat Women's Health Center,
    or any kind of Physical, Occupational or Speech Rehabilitation.
  • When scheduling mammograms and bone density tests, please call
    Goshen Retreat Women's Health Center at (574) 364-4611.

Information to have available when scheduling:

  1. Patient’s appointment time preference (day and time)
  2. Patient weight and height (this is critical information for some exams)
  3. Allergy to iodine
  4. Diagnosis of diabetes and renal disease
  5. Whether patient is taking Glucophage or metformin
  6. Date and location of any comparison films
  7. Interpreter needs for the appointment
  8. Accurate demographic and insurance information
  9. Name of ordering physician
  10. ICD-10 Code

When Scheduling With A Patient: